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A New Level of Protection and Security

The Fortifiber Building Systems Group® offers the FortiShield 15-Year Warranty Program, a comprehensive 15-Year limited warranty on our flashing and weather-resistive barrier systems. In the event of a product failure with most manufacturers, the product warranty covers only the cost of replacing materials. Should a product covered by the FortiShield Warranty fail, Fortifiber pays for the cost of the materials and labor to mitigate the problem, without the hassles and fine print of most warranties.

For specific details and limitations of the FortiShield Warranty, please select the link to the applicable products outlined below


Jumbo Tex® Weather-Resistive Barrier

Hydro Tex™ Weather-Resistive Barrier

WeatherSmart® Weather-Resistive Barrier

WeatherSmart® Drainable Weather-Resistive Barrier

WeatherSmart® Commercial Weather-Resistive Barrier

Moistop E-Z Seal® Flashing

FortiFlash® Flashing

FortiFlash® Commercial Flashing

FortiFlash® Butyl Flashing

FortiFlex® Flashing

Moistop neXT® Flashing

Moistop PF® Flashing

Moistop Corner Shield®

Moistop® Sealant and Liquid Flashing

FortiFlash® for Floors

Fortifiber Standard Warranty