The Fortifiber Story

A Proud Family Tradition

Fortifiber was founded over 75 years ago and is still privately held by the same family, now in its third generation. Quality is an integral part of our corporate identity and the pride of the Fortifiber family shines through in all of our products.

Innovations That Revolutionized Construction

Sisalkraft® was launched in the 1950’s and evolved into what we know today as window flashing. Until that time little waterproofing was done around the windows and doors. When it was done, the flashing was made of metal. The invention of rolled flexible flashing was revolutionary for being simple to install and very cost effective.

In the 1960’s Fortifiber invented the modern weather-resistive barrier with Jumbo Tex® asphalt saturated kraft. Roofing felt had been used for many years in this application. But it was heavy, expensive, and tore too easily when used on walls. Jumbo Tex solved all these problems and is still a very popular product. Fortifiber was the first company to combine its expertise in weather-resistive barriers with window flashing to form a complete moisture control system for walls.

WeatherSmart® housewrap was launched in 2006 by blending decades of weatherization knowledge with the most advanced polymer science. Widely recognized as one of the most technologically advanced housewraps available, Fortifiber’s record of innovation continues.

An Extensive Organization

Today Fortifiber is headquartered in Fernley, NV, with sales staff located throughout the US. We are strategically positioned to deliver a wide range of products quickly – both domestically and internationally.