The Most Comprehensive Line of Weather-Resistive Barriers

A weather-resistive barrier plays a key function in a commercial or residential wall system because of its capacity to control moisture and air flow, as well as improve energy efficiency. The weather-resistive barrier:

  • Forms the vertical surface behind the exterior wall cladding (stucco, brick, siding etc.) that allows water to safely drain out of the wall system.
  • Enables wet wall components to dry safely, because of its ability to allow moisture to pass through the barrier material.
  • Protects the wall from water that makes its way through the exterior cladding, thereby acting as a barricade. This helps prevent water from damaging the interior wall system components, such as insulation and framing.
  • Reduces air infiltration resulting in an energy efficient structure.

There are two predominant weather-resistive barrier technologies – Asphalt Saturated Kraft Building Paper (Grade “D” Building Paper) and Polymeric (or Plastic) Housewrap. Fortifiber is the only company that manufactures products with both types of technologies, so we can offer solutions that are uniquely suited to your needs.