Real People—Here to Help

lynn-customer-serviceSome companies say they are there to serve you. But in reality they have a complicated automated phone system that will never allow you to reach a real person! At Fortifiber, we’ve got real people that are happy to take your calls and assist you. When you call Customer Service, you’ll find a friendly voice on the other end of the line that actually wants to help you. Our reps will visit your jobsite and help you get your mock-up right. Our tech team is only a phone call away. Really!
Just look at what of a few of our customers have told us:

Whenever I call with a technical question, Pat will make sure I get the detail I need for a perfect install.~ Joe Y. , builder

Friendliest customer service people I deal with.

I had a rare delivery issue once. I forget what even happened. I just remember that they made it right and got it fixed the same day! ~