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Fortifiber Publishes WeatherSmart® Air Barrier Installation Guide

RENO, NV, February, 2012 - Fortifiber Building Systems GroupĀ® has published a 20-page "WeatherSmart Air Barrier Installation Guide" to assist architects and builders.

The intent of the publication is to provide a guide for the installation of WeatherSmart as both a Weather Resistive Barrier (W.R.B.) and an Air Barrier Material (A.B.M.) in residential and light commercial construction. It is not meant to be a comprehensive procedure for an Air Barrier System. The purpose is to identify critical interfaces that need to be addressed when a membrane material is installed on residential and light commercial walls as one element of an Air Barrier System.

Air barrier membranes, such as WeatherSmart Housewrap/Air Barrier, are only one element of a total air barrier system. As such, the placement of the air barrier membrane in the building envelope must be determined prior to construction to insure that it is installed in the proper position and integrated properly to all air barrier components and accessories in the envelope.

The publication is available in PDF format on Fortifiber's website, at http://www.fortifiber.com/pdf/install_guides/IG_air_barrier.pdf.

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