Moistop® Sealant

Moistop Sealant is a quality advanced polymer sealant that is designed to be compatible with wood, vinyl and aluminum flanges, Jumbo Tex® building paper, WeatherSmart®, PlyDry® and all Fortifiber flashings. It is the most logical choice for window and door installations and a variety of other building applications. Moistop Sealant delivers excellent adhesion, compatibility, durability and moisture resistance to prevent water leaks and the expensive callbacks they cause.

Exceeding ASTM C-920 and AAMA 808.3-92 (Exterior Perimeter Sealing Compounds) standards, Moistop Sealant makes it easy to get extraordinary results from an ordinary caulking gun. A continuous bead on the window nail flange gives long lasting protection against moisture infiltration. And even though Moistop Sealant is tough enough to repair torn weather-resistive barriers, it is smooth enough to take paint in visible application areas.